Principle of As-300 Hall Flowmeter

Principle of As-300 Hall Flowmeter

Hall Flow Rate of 50 g metal powders AS-300 Hall Flowmeter Funnel determines flow rate by measuring the time taken by 50 gram of a metal powder to flow through a calibrated hall flowmeter funnel/orifice of standardized dimensions(0.1 inch/2.5 mm) according to International Standards.

Apparent Density of free-flowing powders AS-300 Hall Flowmeter determines the apparent density by permitting a volume or certain quantity of powder in a loose condition to flow from a hall flowmeter funnel orifice Diameter 0.1 inch/2.5 mm into a specified density cup of definite volume(25 cm³) under controlled conditions.  The mass of powder per unit volume (the ratio between the mass and the volume) is recorded and reported as apparent density.

Apparent Density of non-free-flowing powders AS-300 Hall Flowmeter determines the apparent density by permitting a volume or certain quantity of powder in a loose condition to flow from a Carney funnel diameter 0.2 inch/5.0 mm into …

Crushing process information


Introduction:-In mineral processing or metallurgy, the first stag of comminution Is crushing .In principle ,compression crushing issued on hard and abrasive rocks by placing them between a high wear-resistant plate/surface .Less abrasive and softer rocks or stones are crushed by impact and shear but also compressive mechanisms.

Crushing process:-Crushing is the process of reducing the size of material also that they can be further processed .These include, but are not limited to , waste and recycling ,mining, food processing ,construction ,and coal. Industrial crushers are primarily used to take very large pieces of material and make them smaller.

Types of Crusher

There are three types of crusher. Types of crusher depend on the feeding method. These are;

Primary crusher

Secondary crusher

Tertiary crusher

                 Primary crusher has the ability to receive the crushing material (a material that has to be crushed) directly from the source i.e. ,quarry that’s why these types of crusher are fixed from where the material is taken. Primary crusher is only for the breaking of large stones in to pieces (this mean primary crusher is not for the aggregate size material.). Examples of primary crushers are jaw crusher; hammer mil crusher and gyratory crusher. After receiving primary crusher crush the material and produce a new fresh reduce size of the source material. Primary crusher has only functioned up to that point.

Now a secondary crusher comes in to action and further reduces the size. In secondary crusher some sizes of stones may pass directly from sieve number4. Examples of secondary crushers are cone crusher, roll crusher and hammer mil crusher.

At the end tertiary crusher reduces the size of crushed pieces very much to the required size and it also brings the fineness to the crushed material. Tertiary crushers are at the jobsite and these are small in size. The material is first transported from source with the help of a dump truck. Some tertiary crushers are roll crusher, rod mil crusher and ball mil crusher.

1. Crushing cavity depth big work successive, high productive capacity, the unit consumption is low. It with the same  mouth width than jaw crusher ,production capacity to than the latter twice as tall  as above ,and the consumption of every tons of ore than jaw type is 1.2 times ;low 0.5.

2. Working more smoothly ,vibration is lighter, smaller based weight machines. Spring cone crusher, usually based weight for machinery and equipment weight 2-3 times, and jaw crusher is based weight for the machine itself weight 5-10 times;

3. Can be packed with gives the ore large spring cone crusher can directly in to the original ore ,no additional ore no de sand gives the ore machine .And jaw crusher can full requirements for ore and uniform, so it need stone other mines store nodes (or give ore funnel) and gives the ore machine, when ore block degree than 400mm, need to install expensive heavy plate give ore machine;
 4. Spring cone crusher is easy to start, unlike jaw crusher before staring the
Auxiliary tool rotation needs heavy fly wheel (subsection start up jaw crusher exception
5. Spring cone crusher generated flake products more jaw type broken confidential less 


1. Spinning back air frame is higher than the jaw crusher is general tal2-3times,the construction cost is bigger;

2. The machine is larger, it than the same weight to the jaw type ore mouth size crushingconfidentialheavy1.7-2 times, so didn’t prepare investment cost is higher;

3. It does not like broke new and sticky ore;

4. Installation, maintenance is more complex, over haul or convenient.

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